I've been drawing and sketching ever since I was a kid, exploring reality and stories with my pencil. I quickly developed a passion for art and grew to practice painting, photography and sculpture.  I earned my Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design ,Auburn University,Alabama. where I further refined my skills and abilities.  During school, I was able to work with companies like GE and Nike as an artist and designer.  
After school, I worked for Nike before opening an art studio in Portland, Oregon, where I could share my passion with the next generation.  I taught kids between kindergarten and high school, helping them to explore their own abilities and develop new skills.I also have a human-computer interaction master level professional license from Indiana University.
Now, I am pursing my Masters degree in Industrial Design at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.  I enjoy the challenge of designing innovative products and currently work as a designer for a startup that is developing new robotics.  I'm proud to see my work out in the world and look forward to more opportunities to bring my designs to life.
Out of office...
I love sports, travel, music and outdoor activities.
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